Fagus and Platypus Tarn

Mount Field

30 April 2021

With such a good weather forecast after an indifferent patch it was a good opportunity for a walk to Mount Field with the bonus of it being Fagus time as well.

A few years ago, Sue and I walked to Platypus Tarn then picked up a pad that continues around the northern side and on to meet the main track. It was pleasant country, including a surprising group of King Billy pines and Mountain leatherwood. So, we decided to repeat this walk.

On the way up the road a stop was made at Lake Fenton to go on the Fagus Walk, which while only  short is very scenic and takes in a variety of vegetation, not least being the Fagus.

Unfortunately, on the way to Platypus Tarn, Alison slipped on a tree trunk and injured her knee; she and Michael returned to the car whilst the rest continued on. Platypus Tarn was tranquil in the still conditions, but as there had been plenty of rain on recent days, the small valley that we had planned to follow, there was a lot of water which meant we had to put up with more scrub than expected. 
Fagus at end of walk

Platypus Tarn