Mike Howes Lookout

Friday  13 November 2020

Ozothamnus scutellifolius

This walk in the Midlands was organised with Shirley from Oatlands and it left from Bowhill Road and Mike Howes Lookout was roughly 3.5k away from there.  It was not a particularly hard walk, that followed vehicle tracks through farmland and bush until heading up over open country to the summit.

The return took the western side of Mike Howes making it a circuit walk. In all it was a pleasant outing; there were many Pardalotes singing and during the climb  we encountered and impressive patch of Ozothamnus (thought to be O scutellifolius) and also prostrate Baeckea (now known as Euryomyrtus ramosissima).  One of the highlights was seeing two eagles above us whilst we were on the summit.

The lookout is named after the bushranger Mike Howe who was quite notorious and violent, even knocking off several of his fellow bushrangers.   There are several websites with details of his history.

  Tasmanian Geographic

Australian Dictionary of Biography



Party on track west side of lookout

Eucalypt on summit