Kunanyi Pinnacle Ice House Circuit

Tuesday 30 June 2020

The idea had been to go to Mount Connection today, but the road was closed, so went up Pinnacle/Zig Zag and down Ice House.    Actually, by the time we started walking the road was opened earlier than the website indicated.  But we reckoned it would not have been an ideal day for Connection as it was very cold and windy on top.   
From Zig Zag Track

It was assumed that the bad bits of Zig Zag track had been upgraded, but it was only the first 100 metres above the Organ Pipes junction that had been done. 
New track work above Organ Pipes junction

Prior to the top we donned warmer gear to cope with the anticipated cold wind. The South Wellington track had many icy patches needing care, especially in shaded south facing sections. The short segment at the high point that had been hardened with rock seemed to be having the desired effect of allowing braided areas to recover.

Rocks added to create a better path for walkers.
The worn patch on right is from use prior  to repair

Worn and damaged pad gradually recovery and not now being used.

Ice at South Wellington

An early lunch at the top ice house then on down to meet Milles Track and the voices of returning Disappearing Tarn walkers and we saw quite a few, including some still going  out (2:30) and with shoes that were going to be a lot less smart when they get back, and it would be interesting to know when that was as it would be close to dark if they managed it all the way.  

A Lost Freight coffee at the Springs finished off the day.
View from South Wellington