Craigow Hill

Tuesday  9 June 2020

With this walk to Craigow Hill   was over Simmons Hill which is level for a while then descends somewhat sharply. The north facing slope is dominated by Eucalyptus risdonii (Risdon peppermint), a rare species confined mostly to this area and other parts of Meehan Range and East Risdon; a most intriguing tree reminiscent of mallees.

The day was sunny with a cool breeze, with the latter greatly diminished in the valley.  An old vehicle track was followed to Craigow Hill and we decided to return over Eagle Hill making it a circuit walk.  On the upper part of Craigow Hill we noticed a number of what were assumed to be bird nest boxes high in the trees, some with ropes looped over the upper branches.

The walk was 14k and with breaks took 5:45 (4:45 excluding breaks) and with a
680 height gain and descent.

Euc risdonii on north facing slope of Simmons Hill

Near Cross Rivulet and view to start of Craigow Hill

Craigow Hill

Summit area Craigow Hill