Emily Tarn

Tuesday 30 April 2019

The scrub from the junction of the Hartz Peak track to Arthur Tarn was thick and pressing in on the path and the open spots on the way were very wet with lots of running water.  This 1.5k section as far as Emily Tarn took us almost an hour.
Mount Snowy and Emily Tarn

Both tarns are lovely, with Arthur on top of a saddle whilst Emily, the larger one sat at the bottom of a basin. Several moraines plus the craggy cliffs of Hartz Peak all tell of the creation of the tarns.
Arthur Tarn

Rocky turrets on southern end of Hartz

Mount Snowy

Federation Peak and Geeves Bluff

Hartz Lake

Lunch was on the saddle between Mount Snowy and Hartz and then we climbed to Hartz to the get to the track leading back to the car. On the return leg below Hartz Peak where the track is clearly marked and distinct, I somehow managed to wonder off it for a few paces.  My companions were most amused and insisted I mention this when reporting on the walk.

Conditions were good in the south west with great views of the mountains and valleys.

The walk was 10 kilometres with an elapsed time of 6 hours. Actual walking time was 4:20.

A photo album is online here 

Emily Tarn Hartz Mountains
Emily Tarn Hartz Mountains