Letterbox Gully

Tuesday 17 April 2018
After reading a report of a group going to Letterbox Gully at Heathy Hills, I looked at the map and noticed that there was such a gully, but it was definitely not where the walkers described.   In fact, it is at Harry Walker Tier to the east.   Satellite images indicated some prominent rock features, most likely sandstone and it seemed worth a visit.   We have been to Harry Walker Tier on previous occasions with Dave and he organised the access for this walk.
Once past the farmland and up on Harry Walker Tier, Eucalypts totally dominate.  Walking is easy and pleasant, although the vista it mostly fairly uniform and level.  Lots of litter from the trees is everywhere and the signs of past logging visible but so old and sparse that it is not much of a detraction.
Eucalypts approaching Letterbox Gully

Eventually the country changed, and Letterbox Gully was before us. Descending wasn't a problem and we came below a cliff to find a sizeable cave. As did a couple of others we had passed, there were what looked like Devil droppings. 
What is this

However, in this one a large pile of dark matter had us quite puzzled. It seemed more like regurgitations built up over time than animal droppings and it was in several spots, some with very little head room which would probably preclude any large animal being responsible.

Perspective of size
The cave had a light source at the back and on clambering up proved to be a small gap in the roof. Also noticed was small ledge that appeared wet but was quite dry and simply shiny smooth, almost as if it had been rubbed to that state. So, we left with some unsolved mysteries.
More of the mystery items. Droppings or digested food

Once on the gully floor we followed it up valley as far as rock pool of dark forbidding water. The gully was exited at this point and continued up along a wooded plateau to rejoin our inward route. 
The total time for the walk was 4 ¾ hours with a distance of 10k.  It does cross private property to reach the Harry Walker Tier Conservation Area 
Holes in sandstone wall

Dave at the large cave

Cliffs from Letterbox Gully floor

Letterbox Gully

Letterbox Gully