Wellington Falls 2018

Tuesday 13 February 2018

The level and relatively good surfaced Milles Track does not give a good indication of what is in store on the walk to Wellington Falls. After the Snake Plains junction, the track gently descends, but it soon becomes rockier underfoot and even more so for the crossing of Potato Fields.  Both these sections seemed longer than my memory of them, but that is a very common with me.  Beyond it was easier walking, with delightful sections of thick Richea dracophylla (candleheath or dragon heath) forming a canopy over the track in spots.
Wellington Falls

The whole of the track was been trimmed since last visit, the normally damp bits draining off South Wellington were dry and day very good for walking.  Wellington Falls weren’t gushing, but there was still a decent volume of water going over.

Pentachondra involucrata

Avenue of candleheath Richea dracophylla

Leaves of Richea dracophylla

Robyn crossing Potato Fields

Coprosma nitida  berries

From the Springs it took 2:45, with a morning break. Return for the 6.4k was 2:25

Total time with all breaks was 6 hours for the 12.8k walk.

Total ascent:   566 m              Avg. moving speed:     2.75 km/h
Total time:      6:01                 Moving time:  4:36