The Day I Lost Sue and Christine

Heathy Hills

Tuesday 10 October 2017
This was my third trip to Heathy Hills and after visiting the arch the plan was to work a way to the top of the ridge on the south side of the cliff and cave lined valley.
Caves southern side of gully

Crossing the Jordan River wasn’t expected to be a problem, but on arrival on the banks, I was reminded that I hadn’t told people they had to make a river crossing. Sue and Christine found the best way over whilst Neville decided to go over bare foot.

All went to plan until just before reaching the arch, at which point Neville and I headed directly up whilst Dave followed some markers leading to the other side of the arch area. Sue and Christine decided to follow Dave, then decided the way we went did look better.  But I didn’t look back and was unaware of this, at the time I turned sharply to the right to arrive at the arch a few minutes later. It was soon after Dave arrived that we realized that Sue and Christine were nowhere in sight and despite our calling out, there was no response.
Side view of arch

Cliffs northen side

Sandstone pillar

Pigface hangfing down

Caves on nose of ridge

It all seemed mystifying and we searched back to where we had last seen them, then widened our search considerably, scanning the valley floor to near the end, the cliff edge and finally up onto the ridge top.  This was where we were reunited, but by now 1 ½ hours had passed. Meanwhile Sue and Christine seemed unperturbed and had a nice walk along the ridgetop including morning tea.  But of course, were concerned where the rest of the party were and disappointed that they had not seen the arch.

After lunch all back at the arch, a revised walk plan was devised that involved an exploration of some of the lower caves and cliffs on the south side of the valley.

The walk part was 2.5k but in all further was travelled. Total time was exactly 4 hours rather than the 5 originally anticipated.

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Heathy Hills 2017
Heathy Hills 2017