Mount Field East April 2017

Saturday 22 April 2017

Lake Nicholls

Originally the walk was to be on Sunday 23rd but the forecast was not good. The alpine area of Mount Field is somewhat unpleasant in poor weather and I am also mindful that several people who have booked have limited experience and are not necessarily equipped for bad weather. On the other hand, it looked better for the Saturday and so that is when the walk went.   It did mean that some people couldn’t make it, but it was either go on Saturday or cancel the walk.
It was misty all day although were never clouded in. Beatties Tarn was the first stop and like Lake Nicholls soon after was very calm.  A noticeable ascent followed to the edge of Windy Moor and then the short level crossing to the foot of Mount Field East.  Three of us climbed to the summit, whilst Greg added a sign at the junction.  The Friends of Mount Field are placing signs at all the junctions to help walkers and Greg had joined us for this purpose as it is safer to have another person there in case of an accident especially when using power tools and in this instance Wayne decided to forego the ascent and help Greg.

Lake Nicholls was still millpond smooth, so the saying goes, when it was again passed on the way back to the cars.  We were back in time to visit Lake Fenton, just a short distance up the road, to view the Fagus, which was still not at peak colour.

Mountain pepper

Mist on Windy Moor

Debris Lake Nicholls.


  1. “somewhat unpleasant in poor weather” I expect is quite an understatement.


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