Hartz Peak

Superb Weather Day

Saturday 29 October  2016
The weather was looking good and a walk to Hartz Peak sounded nice and the day turned out to be delightful and calm.  Once we had decided on the venue, it sudden thought sprung to mind that maybe there were some geocaches in the area and a check on the web revealed several, so this was a bonus.
Hartz Lake

One side of the car park at the end of the Hartz road was almost full suggesting that there would be quite a few out walking to the peak.  It was only a few hundred metres along the track that the first returning walker was passed and this continued at intervals with the last just leaving as we reached the top.  We weren’t alone for long though as several others soon arrived.

In such nice weather the views were really good with the best being down to Hartz Lake from the edge of a saddle of wind pruned vegetation a little off to the side of the track.
Wind pruned bushes

Over a number of years, we have made the short detour to Lake Esperance and I have taken a photo of the recovering cushion plants from the same fenced off spot each visit.  Since the first one in 2003 there is a steady improvement, but it is a slow process.
View up to the summit

Before starting the walk we stopped at Waratah shelter and it seems such a nice spot that it prompted us to make a plan trip in December to walk to Lakes Perry and Osborne

On the drive back we noticed a large number of people in the street at Franklin and when we got closer realised that many of them were dressed up for Halloween; it seems this event has become popular in some locations in Tasmania.

Hartz Peak