Wellington Mudstone and Sandstone Cliffs

Tuesday 9 February 2016
I was recently walking along the track near New Town Falls and while looking at the intriguing mudstone cliffs near there, I realised it had been quite some time since I actually walked up to them. They look so much more like a dry mainland spot than Mount Wellington, but it is a dry and steep slope there. Anyway I have enjoyed being there decided on a ramble about them again.  As it was not a very long walk that far we then headed further up, crossing the north south bike track and on through the bush to the sandstone cliffs starting near Lakins Lair.
Mudstone cliffs near New Town Falls

It became bit rugged after that, including steep pinch into the deep gully of the creek that flows down over New Town Falls. After a scramble out we had lunch in the shade and with the Hunters Track just a couple of hundred metres above we opted to cut out some of the hard going by exiting that way.

Sandstone Cliffs overhang near Lakins