South Wellington Plateau

Saturday 17 March 2012
Three geocaches were on the agenda for this bushwalk. From Big Bend we walked in a fairly direct line to join with the South Wellington Track, and located the first cache. Next it was on to Smiths Monument and cache two.
Smiths Monument at South Wellington
Then came the scrub, some of which could have been avoided if I had picked a better line. Eventually the more open and pleasant shelf country was reached before an ascent to the South Wellington plateau followed by a descent to Dead Island.
Woodland on the shelf
Plenty of water lay about in the low lying land prior to it and there was a good flow of nice thirst quenching water in the headwater stream of the North West Bay River. Dead Island held cache three for the day which left us the with uneven and damp slog back to the cars.
Montane grass
Pool on Wellington plateau
Moss on rock Wellington Plateau

The Route taken
Sth Wellington Walk March 2012
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