Glen Dhu Rivulet

Thursday 14 January 2010
For the second time in about two weeks we found ourselves ascending the Myrtle Forest track, but this time it was to go to Glen Dhu Rivulet.
The initial part of the walk follows the creek up where the Myrtles are quite prolific.  Once on the old Glen Dhu track the bushland was quite delightful, initially with Myrtles, correas and numerous waratah bushes, then on the somewhat drier slope the cheeseberries  and lower down the Ozathamnus was out in flower and quite striking.   However the delightful masses of  trigger plants were the highlight, which are at a peak in January.
The old fire trail is steadily getting more plants established on it and parts are now reasonably covered to the extent that you have to weave about between the bushes to walk along it.  Some trees also down but are no hindrance to walking.
The turn off to Glen Dhu is becoming less clear and after a 200 metres the narrow pad is at time indistinct.   In the lower section some yellow tapes indicate the way, but even so  we had to be alert, with many saplings and fallen branches leaning over the pad.
As a side issue we checked old Gorse sites and found no seedlings or re-shooting, although a bush that had been overlooked previously was found a bit further down the track.  Several seedlings of Spanish heath were found and removed from known locations.  Before venturing down to the rivulet check was made as far as the park boundary for Elishas tears, where one broken off branch was found to have rooted.

Glen Dhu Rivulet


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