Old Cape Pillar Track

Massive Clearfell at doorstep of Three Capes Eco-tourist venture
Over a period of more than 30 years I have regularly walked to the spectacular Cape Pillar in what is now Tasman National Park, but not so long ago the start of the track was altered. It is now so very sad to see the terrible wound that has been inflicted on the original track, in the form of massive clearfelling of the forest. Clearly the forest industry has no heart and soul.
It seems ironic that Lennon and Wriedt have been in the area espousing the marvels of the place and how they intend to invest an estimated $15 million to create a Three Capes walk to attract eco-tourists. While all this has been going on, the Government has been responsible for the wholesale destruction of the land bordering the proposal.
Why is it that politicians can not see that this is equivalent to shooting yourself in the foot? The mass destruction of forests is not something that rates highly as an attraction to tourists.
Forestry sign advising of new track start location